Daily Archives: March 27, 2017

Focusing on local government priorities

Most people expect local governments to pay for items such as police, fire protection, and basic infrastructure. But some local governments turn their attention to issues that have little to do with core government functions. Julie Tisdale, the John Locke Foundation’s city and county policy analyst, directed the following question to the John Locke Foundation’sContinue Reading

GSO-WS commuter rail still in the station

A commuter rail line between N.C. A&T State University in Greensboro and Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem was big talk several years ago, but–what a coincidence—talk seemed to die when the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation had shall we say a financial setback. And we might not be hearing about it now if WFDD listener MatthewContinue Reading

Charter school opponents on the attack

N.C. Policy Watch reporter Billy Ball recently published a lengthy piece attacking former Charlotte mayor, charter school founder, and attorney Richard Vinroot for his one-page overview of charter school data and a few extemporaneous remarks about them.  According to the critics quoted in the story, one of Mr. Vinroot’s most egregious sins was comparing statewideContinue Reading

Forbes ponders relative dearth of billionaires

As his family magazine releases its latest compilation of the world’s billionaires, Steve Forbes asks why the ranks of the wealthy aren’t even larger. IF GOVERNMENTS, most especially the U.S.’, had pursued sensible monetary, fiscal and regulatory policies over the past 40 years, the number of global billionaires would be 20,000–ten times the 2,043 listedContinue Reading

Praise for the Freedom Caucus

Reihan Salam doesn’t always agree with the U.S. House Freedom Caucus. In the case of the American Health Care Act, though, he’s offering the conservative group kudos. As far as [House Speaker Paul] Ryan and his allies are concerned, the HFC is a gang of reckless rebels who’ve jeopardized Republicans’ best chance to undo ObamacareContinue Reading

Safe spaces and alternative bureaucracies

Mitch Pearlstein writes at the Center of the American Experiment about a key source of the current college campus craziness. I’ve just read the most insightful essay I’ve ever seen on a key source of political correctness in American higher education and the intellectual and other absurdities that have flooded ever after. The author isContinue Reading

The minimum wage and employment

Ben Gitis of the American Action Forum explores employment data in states that have raised their government-mandated minimum wage. At the beginning of January, 19 states increased their minimum wages. Twelve of the minimum wage increases were due to new laws and seven were annual inflation adjustments required under previous laws. Previously, the American ActionContinue Reading

Pivoting from health care to tax reform

No health care deal? President Trump can turn his attention to another pressing federal government issue. Randall Forsyth of Barron’s recommends one. The assumption in Washington and Wall Street was that the AHCA’s failure is a defeat for the GOP. The opposition suggests this represents an ignominious retreat for Trump, who had campaigned on theContinue Reading