Daily Archives: March 23, 2017

The history of presidential disaster management

It’s hard to imagine a modern-day president ignoring a large-scale natural or manmade disaster. But presidential responses to disasters have evolved over time. Presidential historian and former Bush administration official Tevi Troy examines the history of disaster management from the White House in the book Shall We Wake The President? Troy shared key themes fromContinue Reading

Future uncertain for GOP’s Obamacare alternative

Katherine Restrepo submits the following: Today marks the seventh birthday of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It might not make it to eight. That all depends, of course, on whether the House GOP can get enough party line votes to push their ACA “repeal” bill over to the Senate. Interestingly enough, Republicans are facing aContinue Reading

Washington Post headline is misleading

Washington Post headline: “A book about a dress-loving boy was supposed to teach kids acceptance — until lawmakers complained” Washington Post story (paragraph 5): “But the book was abruptly pulled from the reading list after several teachers complained, according to Charles Jeter, the district’s government liaison.” Washington Post credibility: 0.0 There is no doubt that theContinue Reading

Fate of Republican Health Care Alternative is Uncertain

All hands are on deck now for the House GOP to garner enough support for AHCA to avoid going back to the drawing board. President Trump hasofficially intervened by reaming out the Freedom Caucus (specifically North Carolina Representative Mark Meadows) for their hard-line opposition to the bill, and amendments have been made to temper the sticking points on taxing and spending policiesContinue Reading

Gun sales at record highs, gun accidents at record lows

  Consider the following two statements: Gun sales have been at record levels for the past two years Accidental gun deaths were at an all-time low in 2016, according to the annual “Injury Facts” report from the National Safety Council — at 489, that number is “the lowest since 1903, when record-keeping began” or “about three-tenths of 1Continue Reading

Foxx further defends genetic testing bill

U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx is still on the defensive regarding her controversial genetic testing bill: Foxx spoke about the wellness bill Friday at the Lincoln/Reagan Day Dinner in Winston-Salem, which was sponsored by the Forsyth County Republican Party. About 200 local Republicans attended the event in the Downtown Marriott Hotel. Foxx said that the billContinue Reading

Where people are moving in North Carolina

There’s an interesting map in an online article from The Charlotte Observer today.  It’s a county-by-county look at population change since the last census in 2016, and it shows clearly where population is growing, and where it’s shrinking.  It’s much as you would expect.  There’s a lot of growth in North Carolina’s cities and their surroundingContinue Reading

Leef highlights latest union horror story for Forbes

George Leef’s latest Forbes column focuses on another example of labor union thuggery. Labor unions have been known to do many despicable things to grab dues money from workers who don’t want anything to do with them. A current Minnesota case is about as bad as you’ll ever find. In 2013, the Service Employees InternationalContinue Reading