Daily Archives: March 8, 2017

Clarence Thomas Weighs in on Civil Asset Forfeiture

On Monday, the US Supreme Court declined to hear Lisa Olivia Leonard’s challenge to Texas’s civil asset forfeiture law. The decision to deny certiorary, which was based on procedural grounds, was unanimous. However, Justice Thomas appended a statement to the notice of denial in which he made it clear that, in his view at least, theContinue Reading

Public policies favoring renewables are threatening upheaval in power markets

You can’t have a competitive environment when utilities have to purchase any renewable power that’s produced and when state and federal subsidies and tax credits artificially lower their actual costs by making consumers pay for them in their role as taxpayers. The problem is, these phony state supports aren’t just getting renewables a foot inContinue Reading

Oh yeah–positive publicity for our fair state

I hear it said so often that our fair state’s economic development depends on the strength of its school system. Following that logic, the evil Republicans’ supposed gutting of N.C.’s public school system will keep businesses away. Well, here’s some positive publicity regarding our public school system, and on national television no less: Chapel Hill-CarboroContinue Reading

Strong Guilford delegation in sanctuary cities bill

News & Record reports on yesterday’s state House Judiciary II Committee hearing on HB 63, which —among other things— would “withhold six types of state tax money from local governments that give sanctuary to unauthorized immigrants.” Sources of revenue that could be withheld from cities providing sanctuary for illegal immigrants include “tax collections on theContinue Reading

Leef pans ‘Middlebury mob’

George Leef’s latest column for the Martin Center highlights the recent lunacy at Middlebury College. Middlebury College in Vermont is a liberal arts school. The prolific author and American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray was asked to speak at Middlebury and answer questions from faculty and audience members. He is used to confrontations, but couldContinue Reading

Shocker: Clintonistas leading anti-Trump efforts

Peter Hasson reports for the Daily Caller on key leaders of a high-profile anti-Trump protest group. Six former Hillary Clinton campaign operatives are playing key roles for one the nation’s most prominent anti-Trump organizations. The Women’s March on Washington originated as an inauguration weekend protest against the Trump administration. Since then, however, Women’s March hasContinue Reading

An ill-advised attack on Gorsuch

Alexandra Desanctis writes at National Review Online about a smear campaign targeting U.S. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. On Monday morning, eleven progressive groups sent a joint letter to Senate Democrats, urging them to oppose Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court on the grounds that he will fail to check the Trump administration’s possibleContinue Reading

About that ‘Russian election hacking’ claim

Andrew McCarthy devotes a National Review Online column to picking apart the media narrative that suggests “Russian hacking” somehow gave the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump. [T]he media and Democrats have always had a serious vulnerability here — one they’ve never acknowledged because they’ve been too swept away by the political success of theContinue Reading