Daily Archives: February 23, 2017

Did Democrats waste time fighting Betsy DeVos?

I think so.  Surely other nominees, such as Jeff Sessions and Rex Tillerson, were a much bigger threat to the progressive agenda than DeVos. At Education Week’s Politics K-12 blog, Andrew Ujifusa asks whether Democrats wasted too much time, money, and political capital on the effort to defeat DeVos when other nominations appeared to poseContinue Reading

Gov.-Atty General conflicts of interest in voter ID SCOTUS review

Whoever said that news moves at the speed of light in the Trump era sure nailed. This morning everyone’s trying to process the president rescinding rules protecting transgender students and how it could radically effect the ongoing HB2 battle. In turn that left us barely any time to process the confusion over the North Carolina’sContinue Reading

NCAE one of the NEA’s “5 financially shakiest states”

Mike Antonucci analyzed the 2015 tax filings and internal membership numbers for all state National Education Association (NEA) affiliates.  He found that union affiliates in Alabama, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, and Wisconsin were on the shakiest ground.  He writes, The North Carolina Association of Educators lost 9.6 percent of its active members in 2015 andContinue Reading

A plea for Burkean solutions

Gracy Olmstead explains in a Federalist column why she believes American conservatives could use a good dose of Edmund Burke. Burke advocates for a sort of political version of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper,” or DIY’s “Rehab Addict.” Take the old, and revive it. Fix what’s broken down—don’t just raze the building and start over. Conservatives believeContinue Reading

Covering up by harming veterans

Pete Kasperowicz of the Washington Examiner highlights the work of a Veterans Affairs whistleblower. A whistleblower in the Atlanta office of the Department of Veterans Affairs warned President Trump on Tuesday that the VA is preparing to throw out hundreds of thousands of benefit applications due to an error the VA itself made during theContinue Reading

Who says you need a Social Security Number to collect benefits?

Elizabeth Harrington of the Washington Free Beacon documents another piece of disturbing news linked to federal government spending. The Social Security Administration paid $1 billion in benefits to individuals who did not have a Social Security Number (SSN), according to a new audit. The agency’s inspector general found errors in the government’s documentation for representativeContinue Reading

A media renaissance implies a return from the Dark Ages

Varad Mehta explains at National Review Online that the much-touted “renaissance” of American news media implies that media outlets have been less than stellar in recent years. Judging by journalists’ words and deeds since Donald Trump was elected, their field stands on the precipice of a renaissance. To be reborn, however, something must first haveContinue Reading

The truth about Sweden

Rich Lowry of National Review Online looks for the truth behind President Trump’s latest quip about problems in Sweden. At a campaign rally over the weekend, Trump issued forth with a mystifyingly ominous statement. “You look,” he declared, “at what’s happening last night in Sweden.” What? Had the president invented a nonexistent terror attack? AsContinue Reading