Daily Archives: February 22, 2017

N.C. legislators learn about state’s No. 19 ranking in Cato freedom report

North Carolina ranks No. 19 in the latest edition of the libertarian Cato Institute’s Freedom in the 50 States report. That marks a jump of four spots in the rankings since 2012. The report’s authors shared their findings during a presentation Wednesday to state lawmakers. Presenters are William Ruger, vice president of policy and researchContinue Reading

HB 136 gets the attention of homeschoolers

House Bill 136 lowers the compulsory attendance age from 7- to 6-years-old.  While their intentions are good, bill sponsors may have failed to consider how that change would affect home schools. A homeschool parent posted the following comment on the North Carolinians for Home Education Facebook page: It requires earlier opening of homeschools. It requiresContinue Reading

Re: Econ 101 as important as ever

Mitch’s post of George Mason University economist Donald Boudreaux’s piece for the Martin Foundation made me wonder: What kind of law professor could be so averse to the discipline of economics? And then I remembered the calculated aversion to mainstream economics exhibited by the UNC Law School’s “Center on Poverty, Work, and Opportunity.” It was already onContinue Reading

NCAPCS hires Democrat executive director

In a surprising move, the board of the North Carolina Association for Public Charter Schools (NCAPCS) hired Rhonda Dillingham to be the organization’s executive director. According to the press release, Dillingham “co-founded Uwharrie Charter School and brings a decade of teaching and leadership experience from both public charter schools and district schools.” If you askContinue Reading

NC teacher pensions well funded, not transparent or flexible

According to a report published by the National Council on Teacher Quality and EducationCounsel, Just seven states — Delaware, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin — have teacher pension systems that are funded at 90 percent or higher. Of those, only South Dakota and Wisconsin are fully funded. That said, theContinue Reading

Gunning for Virginia Foxx

It’s secret that Democrats are already gearing up to take back Congress in 2018—at the very least to stop the Trump agenda, at the very worst to start wacko impeachment proceedings. One target—a target Democrats have been gunning for since I can remember— 5th District Rep. Virginia Foxx. Winston-Salem Journal’s Scott Sexton handicaps potential opponents:Continue Reading

Econ 101 as important as ever

George Mason University economist Donald Boudreaux writes for the Martin Center about the continuing need for economics education. In an article published recently in the Atlantic, “The Curse of Econ 101,” University of Connecticut law professor James Kwak argues against what he assumes to be the content, thrust, and effect of the basic principles course,Continue Reading

About those ‘fact checks’

Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist takes aim at media “fact check” schemes. A few weeks ago, Donald Trump responded to Meryl Streep’s insults by calling her overrated. Some fact checks came out saying that Streep, in fact, had won many awards. The Associated Press’ “Meryl Streep overrated? Donald Trump picks a decorated star,” was oneContinue Reading