Daily Archives: February 21, 2017

Stated objectives and outcome measures: making sure rules work as intended

Scenario: A state agency drafts rules in good faith to meet a legislated duty. Turns out, however, the rules they come up with don’t work as expected. The change gives an unintended benefit to some of the regulated parties, however. They’ll fight changing things back. The end result is an ineffective rule that can’t be takenContinue Reading

Trump and millennials

Ron Meyer uses a Washington Examiner column to ponder prospects for Donald Trump to bring more millennials to the Republican Party. No polling was more wrong last November than those predicting how millennials would vote. More than 2 million more millennials voted for President Trump than was forecast by millennial polling averages. He polled atContinue Reading

Bad news on household debt

Ali Meyer of the Washington Free Beacon highlights disturbing data about American household debt. Total household debt climbed by $226 billion in the fourth quarter of 2016, rising to $12.58 trillion, according to a report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The $12.58 trillion in household debt today is only 0.8 percent shyContinue Reading

Reversing a federal electoral power grab

Richard Pollock of the Daily Caller reports on an effort to reverse one of the most dangerous elements of former President Obama’s lame-duck agenda. State officials across the nation are fighting former President Barack Obama’s last-minute decision to impose federal authority over state-run election systems, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned. The National AssociationContinue Reading

National Review editor continues the patriotism/nationalism debate

The back-and-forth discussion of patriotism versus nationalism continues at National Review Online. Editor Rich Lowry offers the latest installment. He responds to colleague Jonah Goldberg. His discussion of this point is genuinely interesting, but it seems to me that Jonah has given away whatever categorical distinction he wanted to maintain. By his account, both nationalismContinue Reading

Trump and LBJ

John Fund argues at National Review Online that President Trump has much in common with a liberal icon. As president, he cut a grandiose figure. He was a braggart and a frequent liar. He was suspicious of other countries, frequently saying, “Foreigners are not like the folks I am used to.” He had a recklessContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Barry Smith’s latest Carolina Journal Online report explains why Gov. Roy Cooper’s House Bill 2 repeal proposal does not resolve an underlying dispute over local government authority. Andy Taylor’s Daily Journal explains how the much-maligned Citizens United court decision facilitates free speech.