Daily Archives: February 14, 2017

As N.C. juvenile crime rates improve, officials consider the ‘Raise the Age’ initiative

Juvenile crime rates have been improving in recent years in North Carolina, and some hope to see even more positive developments with the proposed “Raise the Age” initiative. The idea is to treat nonviolent 16- and 17-year-old offenders as juveniles rather than adults. William Lassiter, the deputy commissioner overseeing juvenile justice in the N.C. DepartmentContinue Reading

Professor worked 4 months for check-cashing store. You won’t believe what she found out!

(You’ll forgive me, I hope, for spoofing the click-bait headline writing of silly sites like Buzzfeed who traffic in sensationalism, fake news, and cat pics.) A good read in Business Insider: Lisa Servon, a professor of city and regional planning at the University of Pennsylvania and former dean at the New School, had spent 20 years studyingContinue Reading

W-S ‘Poverty Czar’?

At a Monday press conference, Mayor Allen Joines released the findings of the so-called Winston-Salem Thought Force, which was formed in 2015 to help tackle poverty in the Camel City. Among the recommendations was the creation of a ‘poverty czar,’ which—according to Joines—“would be an individual who would live with this every day.” The reportContinue Reading

Don’t like those rioting mobs? Blame their education

Stella Morabito uses a Federalist column to explore links between the public education system and today’s rioting mobs. [T]here is a particularly cult-like feel to the behavior of these mobs: the incoherence, blind rage, encouragement of lawlessness, and utter hostility to anyone who doesn’t conform to their mindset. It’s an anger sustained by vilification tacticsContinue Reading

The collapsing left

Dan Hannan contends in a Washington Examiner column that the political left is “collapsing everywhere.” Here’s a startling fact: There have been eight leaders of the British Labour Party in the past 40 years. Seven of them failed to win a single general election. The exception, Tony Blair, was a Labour politician only in theContinue Reading

Plagiarism? Manipulated data? No problem

Lachlan Markay of the Washington Free Beacon details disturbing news about government-funded scientific research. A federal agency that funds scientific research nixed punishments recommended by its own ethics watchdog for some academics who plagiarized and manipulated data in grant proposals and taxpayer-funded research, public records show. The inspector general for the National Science Foundation identifiedContinue Reading

The totalitarian left

Kevin Williamson of National Review Online highlights those Americans who cannot separate politics from the many aspects of life that have nothing to do with politics. One of the less understood criticisms of progressivism is that it is totalitarian, not in the sense that kale-eating Brooklynites want to build prison camps for political nonconformists (exceptContinue Reading

Presidential derangement syndrome takes new turn with Trump

Jonathan Tobin explains at National Review Online the latest developments among those who treat the election of a new president as an excuse to engage in delusional thinking. In the 1990s, a serious malady appeared on the American public square in which citizens were driven over the edge by their antipathy for incumbent presidents. ItContinue Reading