Daily Archives: February 2, 2017

“Cops use pacemaker data to charge homeowner with arson, insurance fraud.”

Now there’s a headline I never expected to see! It’s from an article posted at NetworkWorld. Here are the details: 59-year-old homeowner Ross Compton was arrested and charged with felony aggravated arson and insurance fraud. The cause of the fire was still undetermined, but it had resulted $400,000 in damages to the house and contentsContinue Reading

A Campus Free Speech Act

The Martin Center for Academic Renewal highlights Stanley Kurtz‘s article on new proposals for protecting speech on college campuses. Between the rise of safe spaces, trigger warnings, speaker disinvitations, and the often illiberal conduct of campus demonstrators over the past few years, it’s clear that the core constitutional value of free speech is now underContinue Reading

Direct Primary Care Could Take On A Larger Role In Health Care Reform

Direct primary care (DPC) could end up playing a more prominent role on the national stage of conservative health reform. The Wall Street Journal considers this patient-centered delivery model the “fourth leg” to any plan that would replace Obamacare. Lawmakers in Congress and others in the consumer-driven health care scene strongly endorse DPC because itContinue Reading

Man bites dog story: NYT columnist from Obama administration likes Trump’s Supreme Court pick

Georgetown law professor Neal Katyal, who was acting solicitor general during the Obama administration, tells New York Times readers “Why Liberals Should Back Neal Gorsuch.” There is a very difficult question about whether there should be a vote on President Trump’s nominee at all, given the Republican Senate’s history-breaking record of obstruction on Judge MerrickContinue Reading

Why the Left will never accept Trump and become the loyal opposition

The election of Donald Trump could prompt people on the left end of the political spectrum to develop a healthy distrust of government power and to seek nongovernmental solutions to life’s problems. (One might say they might become more “clasically” liberal.) But those positive outcomes are unlikely, as Peter Burfeind argues in a Federalist column.Continue Reading

Shocker! Dems aren’t about to play nice

James Antle documents for the Washington Examiner the Democratic Party’s all-out effort to block President Trump’s actions. Senate Democrats are dispensing with talk of cooperation and preparing to fight President Trump across the board, delaying his nominees where possible and filibustering his Supreme Court pick if necessary. Despite their minority status in the Senate, DemocratsContinue Reading

Trump’s master plan … or not

Ben Shapiro writes at National Review Online that critics of President Trump should stop trying to decipher his “master plan.” Take, for instance, the rollout of Trump’s immigration order. Instead of chalking up the executive-order debacle to inexperience or incompetence, members of the Right suggested that this was all part of a Trumpian 4D chessContinue Reading

Gorsuch as successor to Scalia

Ed Whelan explains at National Review Online why Judge Neil Gorsuch would be such a worthy successor of the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Gorsuch is a brilliant jurist and dedicated originalist and textualist. He thinks through issues deeply. He writes with clarity, force, and verve. And his many talents promise to giveContinue Reading