Monthly Archives: February 2017

Managing financial risks tied to extreme weather

Market forces play a critical role in helping people weather the storm (pun intended) of extreme conditions. UNC Ph.D. student Ben Foster uses a case study of a 2012 drought affecting the Mississippi River to explain how the process works. He shared details during a presentation Monday for the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society.

Bill Nye, the Leaks Guy

The debate over climate change between Tucker Carlson and Bill Nye the “Science Guy” honestly didn’t get very far. But oooh—Nye really showed Carlson when he strayed from his area of expertise and showed he apparently knows something about leaks coming out of the Trump administration—at about the 8:40 mark. Watch the latest video atContinue Reading

How cheating can raise high school graduation rates

Want a quick and easy way to raise graduation rates?  Credit recovery courses are the method of choice for many school districts.  Washington Post columnist Jay Mathews writes, High school science teacher Jeremy Noonan will never forget his training as an online credit recovery teacher in Douglas County, Ga. He was told to always giveContinue Reading

Paying attention to Democratic outrage

Jonathan Tobin uses a National Review Online column to issue Republican leaders a warning. So it turns out that Karl Marx was right about history’s repeating itself as farce. That axiom was validated last week when White House spokesman Sean Spicer sought to dismiss the crowds showing up to protest at town-hall meetings for RepublicanContinue Reading

Trump and the conservative split

Upcoming JLF speaker Tevi Troy explains in a Politico column how President Trump has influenced a split among American conservatives. Recent events have revealed that the conservative divide over Trump is far from over. As the promise of transition has shifted into the reality of governing, conservative thinkers now appear to have split into threeContinue Reading

A federal rule that hurts millennials

Amity Shlaes explains in a Forbes column why a move to scrap the Obama administration’s expansion of overtime benefits to workers with lower salaries makes sense for millennials. “A GOLDEN recommendation” for their second job is what most college grads dream of as they enter the workforce. Their first job, they are certain, will beContinue Reading

Forbes ponders ‘Calexit’

Steve Forbes uses his latest Forbes column to probe the prospects for a California secession. THE MOVEMENT AFOOT in California to have the state secede from the Union–advocates call it Calexit–is gaining publicity if not support. One poll shows 32% of Democrats ready to vote yes on a pullout referendum. Petition signatures are being collectedContinue Reading

Good news, bad news for N.C. taxes

The good news Forbes delivers in its latest issue to N.C. tax reformers? This state does not appear on the list of the 10 worst states for taxation of high-income earners. The bad news? We’re not among the 10 best, either. Neighboring Tennessee makes that list. The great tax divide has been widening as RepublicansContinue Reading