Monthly Archives: January 2017

Real Accountability Is Choice, Not Regulation

In an excellent article published on Jay Greene’s blog, Jason Bedrick, who was just named the national policy director at EdChoice, pushes back on the idea that parental choice is not “real” accountability. As I explained at the Heritage Foundation earlier this week, true accountability is when service providers are directly answerable to the people mostContinue Reading

Martin Center president, namesake discuss future of higher education reform

North Carolina’s premier higher education watchdog group greeted the new year with a new name: the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal. The center’s president, Jenna Robinson, and its namesake, former two-term N.C. Gov. Jim Martin, offered their thoughts about the future of higher education reform during a presentation Monday to the John LockeContinue Reading

I-95, natural gas on Trump’s NC to-do list

Running under the radar scope —with everything else going on and all— is President Trump’s “Emergency & National Security Projects” list, which includes—among many, many other projects nationwide—repairs to I-95 in North Carolina and the proposed 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline that will transport natural gas from West Virginia to NC: The $1.5 billion I-95 project,Continue Reading

The left’s contribution to Trump’s victory

Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist website probes one key factor that helped propel Donald Trump to the White House. BuzzFeed did its part for this past weekend’s social media garbage fire of uninformed rage by calling up companies to encourage them to condemn the Trump administration’s hastily issued executive order dealing with immigrants and refugeesContinue Reading

Congressional Republicans offer competing Obamacare replacement plans

Paige Winfield Cunningham of the Washington Examiner highlights Republicans’ efforts to develop a replacement for the Affordable Care Act. Some lawmakers want to provide people with tax credits to buy coverage, while others want deductions. Some House conservatives are suspicious of phasing out Obamacare gradually. And a growing group of senators are stressing that replaceContinue Reading

Free-market groups back Trump’s Labor pick

Bill McMorris of the Washington Free Beacon details a recent boost for President Trump’s choice for U.S. labor secretary. Leaders from a coalition of free market think tanks urged a swift confirmation of President Donald Trump’s proposed labor secretary to resolve uncertainty among U.S. businesses. Trump nominated Andrew Puzder to lead the Department of LaborContinue Reading

A blue-state tax hike

Kevin Williamson of National Review Online describes federal tax proposals that could have a significant impact on “blue” states. Progressivism in the United States used to be a school of political action, but today it is mainly a highly refined lifestyle — one that Republicans may be on the verge of making a little moreContinue Reading

California dreamin’

While some in California have been talking in recent weeks about secession, John Fund of National Review Online asks them to consider an alternative. Liberals used to hate secession, the notion that states could leave the Union as they did before the Civil War because they didn’t agree with the policies of the federal government.Continue Reading