Daily Archives: December 19, 2016

You might be a progressive if…

…you actually believe that there are people who A) do not believe that the climate exists—climate deniers or B) people who believe that the climate exists but never changes—climate change deniers.

Legislative leaders to Cooper: You’re not governor yet

Responding to Gov.-elect Roy Cooper’s announcement that the N.C. General Assembly would return to Raleigh Tuesday to take up repeal of House Bill 2, the leaders of the N.C. House and Senate are telling a different story. Here’s a joint statement from Senate leader Phil Berger, R-Rockingham, and House Speaker Tim Moore, R-Cleveland: “Today RoyContinue Reading

Forbes columnist documents democratic upheaval

David Malpass writes for Forbes about the latest electoral turbulence around the globe. DRAMATIC ELECTION upheavals are transforming the U.S. and the U.K. and are likely to sweep through Continental Europe in 2017 and Mexico in 2018. The results will vary from good to bad, because there are big differences among the systems of government,Continue Reading

A ‘big, bold’ tax cut

That’s what Steve Forbes wants to see from Donald Trump. He explains why in the latest issue of Forbes. CRUCIAL TO Donald Trump’s success as President is a vigorous economic revival, and key to that is a big tax cut. Both the tax plan Trump issued during his campaign and the one put out byContinue Reading

An ode to the Third Amendment

Villanova political science professor Colleen Sheehan promotes one of the lesser-known pillars of the Bill of Rights in a Daily Signal column. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that the Third Amendment is their favorite one—not even the most geeky law student I have known. Honestly, no one pays it much attention. TheContinue Reading

South Carolinian to face tall federal budget task

The next federal budget director hails from the other Carolina, as UPI reports. President-elect Donald Trump has decided on South Carolina congressman Mick Mulvaney to be his budget director. … A four-term U.S. House representative, Mulvaney just won reelection in November but will now vacate his seat to join Trump’s administration. “He’s a tremendous talent,Continue Reading

What’s next for the Dems?

Wesley Pruden of the Washington Times argues that Democrats now drinking away their post-election blues will eventually face a hangover. Once the agony of a world-class hangover arrives, the Democrats will have to consider the damage of the drunk. The party of Andrew Jackson, Pocahontas and Hillary Clinton will be adrift in the swirl andContinue Reading

Latest Barron’s cover story laments looming discussion of trade barriers

Gene Epstein of Barron’s explains why new trade barriers represent “Donald Trump’s Worst Idea.” The ghosts of Reed Smoot and Willis Hawley are haunting the presidency of Donald J. Trump, even before it begins. To avoid the risk of recession, an exorcism of sorts is urgently required. Sen. Smoot and Rep. Hawley co-sponsored America’s infamousContinue Reading