Daily Archives: December 15, 2016

Leef critiques college free-speech zones for Forbes

George Leef’s latest Forbes column focuses on colleges’ efforts to limit students’ free-speech rights to certain areas on campus. Hostility to free speech has become a salient characteristic of American college campuses. Speech codes that make it dangerous for students (or anyone else) to say things that might be regarded as offensive or “harassing” areContinue Reading

It’s fine to oppose Trump, but …

Mark Hemingway writes at the Federalist website about the worst arguments Democrats are making about President-elect Donald Trump as he prepares to take office. If I wanted to discredit an entire political party, I’d do exactly what Democrats, grassroots and party bosses alike, are doing: whining and making excuses at every opportunity, right up toContinue Reading

The irony of PolitiFact critiquing ‘fake news’

T. Becket Adams of the Washington Examiner reacts to PolitiFact’s recent criticism of “fake news.” PolitiFact announced this week that it had chosen fake news as the “Lie of the Year.” “Fake news found a willing enabler in [President-elect Donald Trump], who at times uttered outrageous falsehoods and legitimized made-up reports,” PolitiFact said in itsContinue Reading

A court win for voter ID … in Virginia

Joe Schoffstall reports for the Washington Free Beacon on a courtroom victory for electoral integrity. A federal appeals court on Tuesday issued an opinion saying that Virginia’s voter identification law is constitutional and does not violate the Voting Rights Act. In the unanimous opinion issued by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, the court affirmedContinue Reading

Obama and homeownership

David Bahnsen writes at National Review Online that prominent conservative commentator Sean Hannity makes one major mistake in his critique of President Obama’s economic record. I more or less agree with the entirety of Hannity’s indictment of Obama’s economic record. The Obama administration has overseen the worst post-recession recovery since World War II, with tepidContinue Reading

A Christmas gift from the president-elect

Heather Wilhelm explains at National Review Online how President-elect Donald Trump has offered the nation at least one Christmas present. [A]ll wild-eyed holiday enthusiasm aside, there is an actual gift hidden within Trump’s election: Suddenly, left-leaning partisans — many of whom have never met a government program they didn’t like, a boatload of money theyContinue Reading

New Carolina Journal Online features

Barry Smith reports for Carolina Journal Online that Wednesday’s legislative action could serve as a preview of future battles with the executive branch. The Daily Journal examines legislative efforts to establish rules for use of North Carolina’s “rainy day” savings reserve.