Daily Archives: December 7, 2016

NC Congressman Proposes Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill

Roll Call reports that: Rep. Richard Hudson, R-North Carolina, says he is preparing legislation that would allow those with concealed carry permits in their state to cross state lines. … Hudson’s legislation would allow people with a state-issued concealed carry license to carry a handgun to any other state that allows concealed carry if theContinue Reading

Gboro council ponies up $250k for children’s museum

At last night’s meeting, the Greensboro City council agreed to give the downtown children’s museum $250,000 to help finish a project that includes an indoor water feature and an outdoor classroom and playground. According to the News & Record, the museum requested the funding to cap off the cost of the $3 million project, i.e.Continue Reading

CJ reporting cited in rumors about Trump’s possible EPA chief

One of the Cabinet positions yet to be filled in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration is head of the Environmental Protection Administration, and North Carolina’s secretary of environmental quality, Donald van der Vaart, has emerged as a dark-horse candidate. A recent Carolina Journal report by Dan Way asking van der Vaart about how the 45th presidentContinue Reading

VMI and the latest case of campus kookiness

In the first college football game I attended as an undergrad, my Tar Heels wiped the floor with the Virginia Military Institute. UNC then proceeded to lose its next 10 games, including a blowout home loss to Clemson that featured a near-continual cycle of “Tiger Rag” (played by the Clemson band after every Tiger firstContinue Reading

Forbes publisher wonders whether Trump will approach infrastructure spending the ‘smart’ way

Rich Karlgaard of Forbes highlights President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign promise of major increases in infrastructure spending. President-elect Trump wants to put $1 trillion or so of private but taxpayer-subsidized money into large construction and repair projects–bridges, highways, tunnels, railways and airports. Is this a smart use of funds? This is where it gets interesting. WatchContinue Reading

Shlaes examines the immigration debate

Amity Shlaes‘ latest Forbes column ponders the contentious debate over immigration. “IMMIGRATION restrictionist = racist.” “Restrictionist nation = racist nation.” These are the basic equations animating the opponents of President-elect Donald Trump’s call to restrict illegal immigration. But I write this after the Liberation. The liberation, that is, of the country from preelection assumptions, logicContinue Reading

Forbes calls for new Fed head

Steve Forbes‘ latest contribution to Forbes magazine focuses on the need for new leadership at the Federal Reserve. DONALD TRUMP TOOK several shots at the Federal Reserve during his election campaign. Let’s hope he effects a real overhaul of this increasingly destructive agency. Fed boss Janet Yellen’s recent appearance before the Joint Economic Committee underscoresContinue Reading

Rage and denial on the left

Jim Geraghty of National Review Online explores responses to Donald Trump’s presidential election among those on the political left. It’s not often that “go die in a fire” is given as an option in an ultimatum, but Professor David Faris, writing in The Week, has urged congressional Democrats to grab a torch: The Democratic negotiatingContinue Reading