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And the Meck Deck wishes you adieu

The Meck Deck is being folded into the John Locke Foundation’s main blog, The Locker Room. You can still catch me blogging there… And I’ll leave you with this:

And speaking of American Airlines…

From media reports, you might get the idea that US Airways has been fully absorbed into American Airlines. That’s true… except that you have former US Airways crews flying formerly US Airways aircraft almost exclusively on formerly US Airways routes from formerly US Airways hubs with those formerly US Airplanes planes have a different hardContinue Reading

American Airlines' airport lease is up for renewal

Earlier this week, the Charlotte Observer ran a lengthy piece (1,500 word +) on negotiations between American Airlines and the city about terms for a new lease for the airline out at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The article provides two bits of information that we didn’t have before: • American Airlines’ current 30-year lease, inheritedContinue Reading

2015 Belk Bowl attendance

46,423, with the wet weather obviously killing the walk-up crowd. That’s up only a hair from the attendance in 2013 (45,211 for Cincinnati – UNC) and 2014 (45,671 for Georgia – Louisville). N.C. State has previously drawn well in Charlotte — drawing about 58,000 in both their previous bowl appearance (2005, 2011) in Charlotte, soContinue Reading

In case you missed him …

Rick Henderson helped Time Warner Cable News’ “Capital Tonight” program assess the year’s top political news.

Kalvin Michael Smith’s latest appeal…

Kalvin Michael Smith—convicted in the brutal 1995 beating of Jill Marker at Winston-Salem’s Silk Plant Forest store—is working on yet another appeal. Court papers filed in this latest appeal reveal that the lead Forsyth County police detective used a racial epithet to describe Smith: Don Williams told his brother, Ricky Williams, in 2002 that heContinue Reading

DOJ budget issues…..

Hard to believe that —of all things—the U.S. Department of Justice is having “budget issues.” How do we know this? It’s the excuse the department gave Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes when letting him know his office—and the Greensboro Police Department— would no longer receive forfeiture funds: Barnes said it had been presented to himContinue Reading

Both Dudes R-OK

The guest host on Glenn Beck’s program this morning, whose name I did not catch, was reading off favorites from Senator Jeff Flake’s (R-AZ) 2015 “Wastebook,” featuring strange uses of federal money. One item was $210,000 spent for solar-powering beer factories. It is a small amount, paling in comparison to all the money the factoriesContinue Reading