Daily Archives: November 30, 2015

The Saint’s Cousin and climate change

I read with interest former Triad Business Journal editor and My Cousin the Saint author Justin Cantanoso’s analysis of the U.N. climate summit: If you don’t think climate change is real or man-made; if you don’t believe the last 15 years have been the hottest in recorded history; if you don’t agonize over photos ofContinue Reading

Progressive Bias for True Choices

The City of Asheville will present its Asheville in Motion (AIM) plan December 7, from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m., at the US Cellular Center. The plan is supposed to help absorb growth by balancing travel needs, creating true choices, and progressively encouraging health-oriented and sustainable transportation.

Not a Bad Idea

The City of Asheville held its third goatscaping. Goats are more sustainable than inventions of the 21st-century because they emit less methane and are trained to uproot invasive species. It is a legitimate way to feed goats because the program is by the government, for the government. That is, Wickard v. Filburn does not apply.

What Would You Do If I Said No?

It looks like Tuesday will be a rubber-stamp meeting for the Buncombe County Commissioners, aside from the mutual kudos and talk about the grandbabies to convince us our leaders are plain folks. One item up for discussion is one of those resolutions declaring the intent of the county to reimburse itself for money already spent.Continue Reading

Political Science

Informed climatologists, like the two wee ones with picket signs here, joined forces for the global Rally for Climate Change in Hendersonville. Humans are asked to get rid of their clothes dryers, buy fuel-efficient cars, and use energy-efficient light bulbs. Congratulated were the power companies that are backpedaling, religious leaders releasing encyclicals, heads of stateContinue Reading

Another Despondent So-What

I would like to see the Patriot Act’s provision for “bulk phone data collection” expire. But then, the technology exists, and spies will be spies. Besides, anybody who calls an un-Constitutional law the Patriot Act already has credibility issues.

The Demise of Government-Funded Health Plans

Obamacare’s “Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans” (Co-Ops) are government-funded entities that sell health plans through the federal health law’s insurance exchanges. These Co-ops have been all the rage in the media as of late, mainly because half of them are failing. The Washington Times reports: For hundreds of thousands of co-op customers, however, the experience hasContinue Reading

Setting an Example

At Yahoo!Sport, Ben Rohrbach reports on the current status of, “The most outrageous streak in American sports.”: After former San Jose Mercury News reporter Mike Rosenberg professed on Twitter … that September marked the first calendar month since July 2009 that an NFL player had not been arrested, everyone from the Tech Times to Time Magazine ran withContinue Reading