Daily Archives: November 26, 2015

Sentence Structure Informs Intimidation Decisions

Brevard High School students were charged with ethnic intimidation and aiding and abetting ethnic intimidation. All the Hendersonville Times-News tells us is three whites perpetrated an incident against a black. My question, of course, is, supposing I get the urge to intimidate, but I want to minimize the damage to my record. Should I goContinue Reading

‘Tis the Season for Possum Hype

The battle for possums’ rights continues, with this victory in PETA’s court. Because the critters can’t speak for themselves, PETA has been suing since 2012 to put an end to Brasstown’s annual possum drop. A PETA representative said it wasn’t the lowering of a select animal in a Plexiglas box that frightened the species soContinue Reading

Don’t Want to Make the Low-Studious Feel Bad

The College Foundation of North Carolina just selected the winner of the Victor E. Bell, Jr. (Is that anything like the Liver T. Bell?) scholarship. 193 middle schools each nominated one student with potential, and the winner’s name was drawn by lottery.