Daily Archives: November 25, 2015

In case you missed her …

Becki Gray analyzed the upcoming N.C. candidate filing period for Time Warner Cable News’ “Capital Tonight.”

Leef’s latest Forbes column documents New Mexico’s ongoing battle against civil asset forfeiture

George Leef shares with Forbes readers details of the continuing fight against civil asset forfeiture in one Western state. Back in summer, the [New Mexico] state legislature unanimously passed a bill that defangs the civil asset forfeiture viper and Governor Martinez promptly signed it into law. Amazingly, however, civil asset forfeiture continues in New Mexico,Continue Reading

Oh, stow your politics and just enjoy Thanksgiving

Once again, the Angry Left is flooding social media and the Internet with holiday how-to’s. Not how-to’s for recipes and decorating ideas, however. Rather, they’re for their apparently unquestioned need for boorishly waylaying family members with insufferable political lecturing on a day supposedly set apart for all to give thanks to God together. Here’s what I wroteContinue Reading

Biasing the Wrong Way?

This morning, as I rode the acceleration ramp into the local Spaghetti Junction, I noticed one of those lighted signs. It invited people to comment on proposed plans to upgrade the I-26 corridor west of downtown Asheville. For those born yesterday, the NC DOT has wanted to add capacity to that portion of Interstate forContinue Reading

Why Vote When You Can Run?

Rather than lurching in pain as extremist candidates announce their intentions to lead you, why don’t you run for office? The filing period for county commissioner and state-level positions runs from noon to noon, December 1 to 21.

Top unserved air markets from CLT

On this travel day for many, here’s a list of the largest unserved domestic air markets within a 1,050 mile radius from Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Ranks are based upon the average amount that people spent traveling between those cities and Charlotte (average number of passengers a day times the average one-way fare) during theContinue Reading

Mark Walker, Jesse Helms and the U.N.

Rep. Mark Walker introduces legislation to fight terrorism. The bill “withholds ten percent of United States funding to the United Nations until the intergovernmental organization adopts a definition for ‘international terrorism.’” Reminds me of the time another conservative North Carolina legislator took on the U.N.—-Sen. Jesse Helms’speech before the Security Council back in 2000. TextContinue Reading

N&R taking heat for gun ad

Yet another letter to the editor in today’s N&R taking our local paper of record to task for running a big-ass full-page ad for the Reidsville Ace Hardware holiday gun sale featruing everything from Derringers to Rugers. Today’s letter is from Lee Zacharias–who also happens to be my former UNCG professor: I cannot begin toContinue Reading