Daily Archives: November 24, 2015

Charlotte housing market doing below average

The UPoR runs a Bloomberg story that kind of misses the point on the Charlotte housing market. The headline is “Home prices rise 4.3 percent in Charlotte over the year.” That sounds really impressive until you read the actual article: The 5.5 percent increase in the S&P/Case-Shiller index of property values was the biggest year-over-yearContinue Reading

Continetti chides Clinton’s media sycophants

Matthew Continetti heard all the mainstream media reports about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s successful run through the closing days of October. Continetti explains in the latest “Mediacracy” column for Commentary magazine why he remains unimpressed. The media couldn’t get over the fact that the positive turn of events happened in a 10-day span. TheyContinue Reading

Commentary column documents a ‘liberal fallacy’

Elizabeth Powers explains for Commentary magazine readers how some left-of-center thinkers approach political debates with false premises. What we consider “good,” “best,” “excellent,” and so on are matters of what, since the 18th century, has been called taste. And if there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that taste is an individualContinue Reading

We’re All in Asylum

North Carolina fell short of obeying the federal government’s command to move thousands with serious mental illness “into their communities.” Shortcomings include failing to provide 708 persons with affordable housing and not filling gaps in services. North Carolina has spent almost $50 million on the effort since last year, and about half the states areContinue Reading

Haystack Fallacy

The soil and water conservation districts of Haywood, Buncombe, and Madison counties received $19,474 from the federal deficit to teach people about water conservation. Tactics will include poster, essay, and speech contests; an Envirothon; and summer camps.

Broke, ISO Partner

Leaders in Lake Junaluska and the Town of Waynesville are wondering if they should try a fourth time to merge or just strike out. Presumably, both sets of leaders are gung-ho on the idea. Lake Junaluska has painted itself into a corner of having to raise homeowner fees or pay town taxes to spread theContinue Reading

Keeping Medical Costs High

Remember yesterday, when people were fuming about health insurance costs soaring? Well, today we learn the Clean Water Management Trust Fund awarded $196,192 toward the construction of the Middle Fork Greenway in Watauga County. The grant came with a match in the amount of $168,750 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. FromContinue Reading

Appeals Court OKs Transfer of Asheville Water System

My latest article for Carolina Journal. And yes, this decision could also have an impact on future legislation over the control of Charlotte Douglas International Airport: RALEIGH — The city of Asheville and customers living outside the city who rely on Asheville for their drinking water long have had a contentious relationship. The issue wasContinue Reading