Daily Archives: November 23, 2015

The Panthers get flexed

The Panthers game at New Orleans a week from Sunday, December 6th has been moved from a 1:00pm start time to a 4:25pm start. Plan your TV viewing accordingly. Bonus thought: Be interesting to see if game time for any of the other remaining Panthers games get moved. Carolina plays Atlanta on December 13 (home)Continue Reading

I’m a Hypersensitive Victim!

I prefer to stick to policy, but this particular item was so twisted, I am going to be evil, and then work harder on making it the last time I mess with interpersonal affairs. I received an email today from a candidate. This candidate has written some nice things online about what an ill-informed, crazy,Continue Reading

We All Work for Government

Another thing to brighten my day was an email informing me the wage data I forwarded to a former employee was in the wrong format. He is trying to collect disability. It is therefore his former employer’s responsibility to allocate time and resources to play games until the paperwork is correct. Back in the day,Continue Reading

If You Hurry . . .

Pete Kaliner is now on the air talking about Obamacare. I am enjoying his targeted commentary. For example, and I paraphrase, after a caller complained about healthcare costs rising $70-700 a month, Kaliner said he had no sympathy for United HealthCare after they lobbied so hard for the downward spiral they surely foresaw.

Ed Hardin: PC sportswriter of the moment

If he didn’t already have it, the N&R’s Ed Hardin officially earned his politically correct sportswriters card with yesterday’s column on the Panthers’ victory over the Redskins: Carolina might be the best team in the NFL, but you couldn’t really tell Sunday because Washington might be the worst team in the NFL. ….The holiday celebrationContinue Reading

Re: Wilkins vs. Blust?

Rumor has it that the Greensboro City Council’s lone conservative member—District 5 rep Tony Wilkins—will challenge incumbent District 62 Rep. John Blust in next March’s primary. Neither Wilkins nor Blust have commented, but speculation is the challenge would come about because Blust is not conservative enough, specifically regarding Sen. Trudy Wade’s bill restructuring the GboroContinue Reading

Scared of Trump’s pending triumph? The Atlantic offers food for thought

Those who are paying close attention to the day-to-day developments in presidential polling might want to peruse historian David Greenberg’s essay in the latest issue of The Atlantic. In November 1975, one year before the obscure Georgia governor Jimmy Carter was elected president, the field of Democratic presidential aspirants was in chaos. According to theContinue Reading

Don’t tell Matt Damon

One suspects that Matt Damon, the liberal star of the hit movie “The Martian,” would not be thrilled to read the following Fortune magazine blurb about the Andy Weir novel on which the film is based. In a feature titled “The Books That Changed My Mind,” former Intel CEO Craig Barrett offers this assessment ofContinue Reading