Daily Archives: November 21, 2015

How comic book stores stay relevant

As the Winston-Salem Journal explains, they commission exclusive covers of popular comics.

You Mean the Earth Can Grow Food without Government?

Informeth the Tryon Daily Bulletin: Polk County Commissioners learned on Monday, Nov. 16 that Polk Fresh Foods is merging with Sunny Creek Farm and will no longer need grant funding from the county to operate.

The Real Reason

The Town of Waynesville has banned smoking, and some fear this is not good for tourism. “Women will start spending less because their husbands who can’t smoke will be like, ‘Hurry up,’” added Bethel Morales.

Have You Completed Your Physics Homework?

According to the AP, student protesters at UNC-Chapel Hill Thursday, made several demands, among which were the elimination of tuition and indifference to SAT scores in the admissions process. A student interviewed said at least everybody agreed systemic racism exists.

Too Diverse

The Faculty Senate of Western Carolina University voted against accepting $2 million in seed funding from the Charles Koch Foundation to create a self-sustaining Center for the Study of Free Enterprise. Faculty members feared first the center would stigmatize the college, although the Koch Foundation has contributed to about 250 schools already, and WCU isContinue Reading