Daily Archives: November 19, 2015

Criminal no-go areas gets voted down in committee

Has there ever been an idea in Charlotte that got this much attention that ended up with so little support?

Clip and save research item of the moment

Study: Year-round school calendars could hurt home prices — based on data from Wake County.

All You Really Need to Know, You Learned in Kindergarten

A cliff-hanger in the Mountain Xpress had me on the edge of my seat waiting for an expose that would shatter the results of the last Asheville City Council election. In the end, all that was established was, as you already know, everybody who engages in campaign finance reporting can be found out of complianceContinue Reading

I’m Not a NIMBY, I’m an, Um, . . .

Evidently, the tax-exempt status of the Euro-style recycling center proposed for Haywood County was a deal killer with the county commissioners. Citizens, fearing the proposal would return in a more sinister incarnation, lobbied their leaders for a moratorium on incinerators. The commissioners largely thought that was crack. Kevin Ensley said the notion was a redContinue Reading


A great way to convince listeners you researched lightly for fill material is to begin your presentation with, “Webster’s Dictionary defines . . . .” So, here goes: This morning, listening to the TV, I belatedly discovered another reason why my poor English fails to communicate. (Actually, I think emotion, body language, and creds goContinue Reading

Legal Zoom Defeats the NC State Bar

Back in March I wrote about an long-running dispute between the North Carolina State Bar and online legal document service provider LegalZoom. Last month the parties announced a settlement, and, as Ben Barton reports at Bloomberg’s Big Law Business blog, the terms of that settlement constitute a big win for LegalZoom (and its attorneys atContinue Reading

NC spends larger share on K-12 education than most

The National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO) just published their annual State Expenditure Report.  This latest edition examines state spending for fiscal years (FY) 2013-2015. North Carolina was tied with Washington for 13th highest “elementary and secondary education expenditures as a percent of total expenditures,” spending 23.0 percent in FY 2015. That is upContinue Reading

Say Yes $1 office space

Rhino reports the Greensboro City Council’s Community Services Committee signed off on office space for the Say Yes to Education program in the city’s downtown library—at a cost of $1 per year. I’ll assume the matter will move on to the full council, where hopefully more questions will be asked. Council member Justin Outling—recently re-electedContinue Reading