Daily Archives: November 18, 2015

Queen of Self-Righteous Indignation tackles Mock Indignation

For starters, yet another N&R letter to the editor criticizing Greensboro Police Chief Wayne Scott’s reactionary decision to suspend traffic stops for minor violations. More than a few readers have written in opposing Chief Scott’s policy change—so many in face that our own Queen of Self-Righteous Indignation— N&R columnist Susan Ladd —couldn’t take it anyContinue Reading

Free Markets, People

The local daily has some coverage of the recent housing summit. Robin Merrell of Pisgah Legal Services is looking out for poor people and she means well, but we disagree on approaches. She said: The market may be able to do quite a bit for market-rate housing, but it really can’t for low-income housing, forContinue Reading

The Old Definition of Inappropriate

The Lake Lure Classical Academy, a K-12 public charter school, chose to suspend all its club activities after it was discovered that an LGBT club had formed. Teacher Layne Long, who accommodated the club, argued, “This is not a religious club. This is a human rights club.” It was a poster given to the clubContinue Reading

Dispatches from the trail, November 18, 2015

• Democratic Attorney General Roy Cooper (at right), who’s running against incumbent Republican Gov. Pat McCrory, used a stop at Central Piedmont Community College to claim that recent tax cuts and reforms passed by the General Assembly show that the GOP is robbing from the working class. • The African-American Caucus of the state DemocraticContinue Reading

Are Direct Care Patients Paying Twice For Health Care?

Direct primary care (DPC) allows patients unlimited access to their physicians in exchange for a monthly cash payment ranging between $25-85 a month. No insurance is accepted. But since Obamacare requires everyone to purchase health insurance, many question why anybody would be willing to pay twice for health care. Dr. Patrick Rohal, a direct primaryContinue Reading

NCGA/UNC/ZSRF program retains teachers in high need schools

From an op-ed published in the Charlotte Observer, praising the N.C. New Teacher Support Program: It should be noted the N.C. New Teacher Support Program recently posted a 95 percent retention rate, which is significantly higher than average retention rates in districts across the state. Based on these retention data the New Teacher Support ProgramContinue Reading

The impact of Clinton’s proposed minimum wage increase

Bill McMorris reports for the Washington Free Beacon on the likely economic impact of Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s proposed increase in the government-mandated minimum wage. Hillary Clinton’s minimum wage hike could cut nearly 800,000 jobs with people at the bottom end of the pay scale suffering the steepest job losses, according to a studyContinue Reading

Kudlow emphasizes growth

Lawrence Kudlow‘s latest column at Human Events assesses Republican presidential candidates’ policies to promote economic growth. The singular economic issue of our time is the quest for more rapid economic growth. In the past century the American economy grew at roughly 3.5 percent per year. That included huge booms and even worse busts, such asContinue Reading