Daily Archives: November 16, 2015

Gary Bettman speaks

The NHL commissioner says that the Carolina Hurricanes in Raleigh to stay: “I don’t think anyone needs to worry about the future of the franchise in Carolina,” Bettman said in an interview. “[Owner] Peter [Karmanos Jr] is exploring his options, but there is no rush, no pressure, no timetable. I am certain if he sellsContinue Reading

Possums Want to Say, “Whee!”

Time for the annual possum drop is nearing. It is a redneck tradition wherein a live possum is lowered in a glitzy box because us mountain folks can’t afford to lower a ball like the evil corporate peeps do in Times Square. Those not respecting our diversity have been suing for a few years becauseContinue Reading

Chain Shop Mass —–

While the world struggles with trying to figure out how to stop popup massacres, Asheville has bigger fish to fry. A chain store has plans to open a store downtown, flagrantly violating a call from merchants for a moratorium on chains and boxes in the downtown. The merchants would like a plan to ban corporateContinue Reading

Awareness for the Hunter Community

Hunters who wish to learn about public input sessions to be hosted soon by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, may wish to click here.

Who awarded the largest teacher salary supplement last year?

The answer is Chapel-Hill/Carrboro City Schools! Most school districts use local dollars to provide salary supplements to teachers, administrators, and staff.  These supplements are added to the base salary amount indicated on the state’s teacher salary schedule. District Name Number of Teacher Positions Teachers Receiving Supplements Average Supplement per Teacher Chapel-Hill/Carrboro City Schools 1,159 1,159Continue Reading

NC spent nearly $9,200 per student last year

Over the weekend, the NC Department of Public Instruction released financial data for the 2014-15 school year. When you include state ($5,638), federal ($1,005), local ($2,133), and 5-year average capital ($406) dollars, the state’s per-pupil expenditure totaled $9,182 last year. In addition, 85 of North Carolina’s 115 school districts spent more than $9,000/student on operatingContinue Reading

State per-pupil spending highest since 2011

Public school advocacy groups are pointing out that inflation-adjusted per-student spending is lower than it was before the Great Recession. But I do not believe that ignoring the recession makes for a sound analysis. During the recession, a Democratic legislative majority cut state education spending significantly.  Since the 2010 elections, Republicans have boosted nominal per-pupilContinue Reading

Tax, Obamacare reform unlikely in 2016, NTU leader says

A top officer in the National Taxpayers Union says he doesn’t expect much action on reform of the federal tax code or the federal health care law in 2016. Those were among the top congressional topics NTU executive vice president Brandon Arnold addressed during a presentation for the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society. In theContinue Reading