Daily Archives: November 14, 2015

Quote of the moment

“In ’16, when it comes election time, anybody who’s not on the right side of this are going to be in trouble.” — Huntersville commissioner Danny Phillips, as quoted by the Charlotte Observer, on the decision to add toll lanes to Interstate 77 in northern Mecklenburg County.

Mindless Ramblings on Senseless Acts

For 24 hours, the TV has been increasing its death tolls and trying to figure out if any of the latest Paris killings constitute an act of terror. For another day, I rued my lot in life to be covering local government when there is so much pain and suffering elsewhere in the world. PreparingContinue Reading

Creative Problem “Solving”

One side of a story is that a special education teacher was transferred from Asheville High to the middle school after raising concerns about a student who assaulted a teacher and has frequently been reported to authorities for allegedly carrying a gun on campus. The teacher, Lauren Jones, said she did not want a transfer,Continue Reading

Looking for Sanity?

At last! Here is a nice little picture and caption that should make you feel better. Admitting it would be better never to have provocations to war in the first place, I find comfort in the lad’s respect and appreciation.

Would Be Fraud in Private Sector

Jackson County’s Green Energy Park is turning into a money hole with little to show. So, to fix the problem, it is requesting another $35,000 from county taxpayers, bringing their total contributions over the $2 million mark. State and federal agencies have contributed another $500,000. The park is supposed to support artisans who fuel theirContinue Reading