Daily Archives: November 13, 2015

Abe Canceled Your Vote

After counting provisional ballots, Sylva Board of Commissioners candidates Greg McPherson and Charlie Schmidt were tied, with 112 votes each. So, a coin was tossed – three times to be fair – and McPherson won the seat. General statutes allow local boards of elections to break ties by casting lots.

Why You Should Brush Your Teeth, Children

The Macon County dental clinic had been running profitably until it started a denture program. Now, it may have to shut down. Saith the Macon News: When the program was first introduced as a possibility, the program was thought to be a break-even program. But each year, the cost to maintain the program has increased.Continue Reading

Sounds Like a Personal Problem

In light of other news, this is one of those days I feel like a fool for dorking around with local news, but here goes anyway.

In case you missed it …

WTVD asked the John Locke Foundation to respond to a 13-year-old’s lawsuit designed to force North Carolina to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Washington Examiner editorial headline follows George Leef’s lead

George has been arguing for years that “college is oversold.” Now the Washington Examiner‘s editors publish a column that proclaims “Political correctness controversies show that college is overrated.” One possible explanation for perpetual campus outrage is that college campuses really are the most dangerous places in America, filled with the worst kind of people imaginable.Continue Reading

Union dues and don’ts

Jillian Kay Melchior highlights for National Review Online readers an interesting new study about the political impact of labor union dues. An exhaustive new study from the Center for Union Facts (CUF) crunched the numbers on union political spending, tracking down where members’ dues ended up. Nearly $140 million — about 99 percent of allContinue Reading

Hanson probes the lack of truth behind ‘Truth’

Victor Davis Hanson‘s latest column for National Review Online focuses on the truth behind the fables of a new movie. The latest Hollywood mythology is entitled Truth. But the film is actually a fictionalized story about how CBS News super-anchor Dan Rather and his 60 Minutes producer supposedly were railroaded by corporate and right-wing interestsContinue Reading

The ‘Rational Optimist’ takes on climate alarmism

Among the many interesting articles in National Review‘s 60th anniversary issue is “Rational Optimist” Matt Ridley‘s critique of the science used to perpetuate climate alarmism. … [B]ecause this catastrophe is always in the comparatively distant future, predictions of it are largely immune to debunking. The failure of the climate over the past three decades toContinue Reading