Daily Archives: November 12, 2015

Very Appealing

This is one of those issues former Representative Tim Moffitt preferred to silence with the heavy hand of state government. It’s called exhausting the court system, and in this instance applies to Watauga County and the State of North Carolina suing the Town of Boone, trying to eliminate its ETJ; or, shall we say, appealingContinue Reading

Summit to Follow Forum

The City of Asheville, Buncombe County, and the Asheville-Area Chamber of Commerce will host an affordable housing summit November 16, from 2:00-5:00 p.m. at the US Cellular Center Banquet Hall. This sounds like a rehash of the local daily’s forum a couple days ago, even featuring a few of the same artists. The event willContinue Reading

Leef’s latest Forbes column focuses on Title IX and the girls’ locker room

George Leef shares with Forbes readers his reaction to the government’s latest effort to regulate access to the girls’ locker room. Those of us who oppose the expansion of governmental controls often get the retort, “You’re just using a slippery slope argument; the bad consequences you foresee are extremely unlikely to happen.” Ah, but predictedContinue Reading

Time to close the TSA

Jeff Jacoby, writing in the Boston Globe, on the Transportation Security Administration: Let’s face it: The Transportation Security Administration, which annually costs taxpayers more than $7 billion, should never have been created. The responsibility for airport security should never have been federalized, let alone entrusted to a bloated, inflexible workforce. Former TSA administrator Kip HawleyContinue Reading

Heads up Margaret Spellings

The real problem at the University of Missouri? Former president Tim Wolfe wasn’t an academic— he only had a bachelor’s degree for goodness sake. As the controversy at Mizzou continues to evolve, Inside Higher Ed says: Our hope is that the Board of Curators will pick new administrators who see the University of Missouri asContinue Reading

Gboro ‘community policing’ at work….

Surely by now you’ve read that Greensboro Police Chief Wayne Scott has announced officers will no longer initiate traffic stops “for minor infractions such as broken headlights or tail lights, one of a host of changes being implemented to address racial disparities in the city’s dealings with the public,” as the N&R puts it. IContinue Reading

Charlotte Hipsters Make Their Demands

My latest column for Carolina Journal: CHARLOTTE — It was a protest that absolutely no one in Charlotte saw coming. A dive bar in a hip neighborhood was to be replaced with an apartment building with more retail space. Such redevelopment plans usually aren’t very controversial in Charlotte — but this one turned out toContinue Reading

Feds fund ‘mindfulness intervention’ for kindergartners

Elizabeth Harrington‘s latest exploration of federal budget bloat yields another interesting story for Washington Free Beacon readers. The Department of Education is spending upwards of $2.5 million to bring a mindfulness intervention to kindergarteners in Chicago, where kids can go to “calm spots” in the corner to watch nature videos. The National Institutes of HealthContinue Reading