Daily Archives: November 10, 2015

American Airlines adds another retro jet

Here’s a link to a picture, and I’ll say you either really know your aviation history or lived in the western U.S. for the livery to mean anything.

Why the Panthers are so good this year

No, not because of Cam Newton, who actually is doing about as well as last year. Rather it’s about Josh Norman and company. As Neil Paine of fivethirtyeight.com explains: Generally speaking, to win more games in the NFL, you need to throw the ball more effectively. That is, unless you improve your pass defense —Continue Reading

Charlotte food craze of the moment


Kyle Fleischmann missing now for eight years

Has it really been eight years? On November 9th, 2007, a drunk Kyle Fleischmann walked out of Buckhead Saloon without a jacket on a cold night and disappeared. The case generated huge amounts of attention at the time and remains Charlotte best known missing persons case. WBTV did a story on the case in 2011,Continue Reading

Catalyst Book Tour Update

You anxiously awaited the release. You’ve watched the video.  You’ve read the teaser. You’re intrigued by the name calling. You’ve placed your order. And now you’re ready to see it all for yourself. Only a few stops left on the statewide book tour for John Hood’s new biography of former Governor Jim Martin, Catalyst. Make plans now toContinue Reading

Higher Education and the Regulatory State

In a recent piece at the American Interest, Walter Russell Mead notes that: American colleges are diverting more and more money away from serving students and instead using their funds to develop a massive D.C. lobbying force. The Wall Street Journal reports: Colleges and universities have become one of the most effective lobbying forces inContinue Reading

A Map Of Direct Primary Care In North Carolina

More and more primary care physicians are severing their contracts with insurance companies. Cutting ties not only grants physicians more time with their patients, but also allows them to deliver basic health care services at a lower cost since 40 percent of overhead is no longer being spent on getting paid by private and public payers. DirectContinue Reading

Forsyth County commissioners: one ballpark incentive at a time

Winston-Salem Journal reports Forsyth County commissioners delayed a vote on a $450,000 per year incentive for a parking deck that would service a proposed $53 million mixed-use development next to BB&T Ballpark. But before commissioners vote on that incentive, they want a signed document releasing the county from an earlier incentive agreement for the ballparkContinue Reading