Daily Archives: November 7, 2015

He Who Writes the Most Beautiful Symphony Wins

I was going over my notes from the last Buncombe County Commissioners’ meeting, and I cried. Normally, the things local government does seem so very silly and ill-considered unless the be-all and end-all is growing government. The different thing from Tuesday’s meeting was the commissioners approved remediating veterans to help them become productive, contributing membersContinue Reading

Non-Progressive Veneer

Normally, one associates progressive causes with protests. So, it was a surprise to see App State Student Power marching to support academics over athletics and complain that student parking spaces had been co-opted for a tailgate party. It may have been a big tent for buy-in. The five planks of the ASSP platform, paraphrased, areContinue Reading

One Wonders What’s behind This

Happy McLeod resigned her post as Tryon commissioner three days after the election. She said there were many reasons, but low-voter turnout had a lot to do with it. McLeod’s term expires in 2017. The commissioners are required to appoint somebody to serve out the remainder of her term in a “reasonable amount of time,”Continue Reading

I Know. Let’s Enforce the Second Amendment.

A decision to allow Hendersonville City Council members to take guns to meetings if they have a concealed carry permit was tabled. The matter came up last month, but was favored by only a 3-2 vote when a 2/3 majority was required for adoption. When the matter arose for a second reading, it met moreContinue Reading

Berger-McCrory prison contract showdown

Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger tells the N&O* he had no idea the FBI was investigating the state’s private prison maintenance contracts when he and House Speaker Tim Moore removed a provision banning such contracts ” in the waning days of their budget negotiations, spending no more than three minutes discussing it.” As you’veContinue Reading