Daily Archives: November 6, 2015

Split N.C. Supreme Court upholds law banning registered sex offenders from using Facebook

The N.C. Supreme Court split 4-2 in reversing the Court of Appeals and upholding as constitutional a state law banning registered sex offenders from using social networking sites such as Facebook.

N.C. Supreme Court reverses Appeals Court, prevents Franklin County from blocking firing range

In a brief unsigned opinion, the N.C. Supreme Court has ruled against Franklin County in its attempt to block a firing range. Justices based their decision on the reasons cited in the Appeals Court dissent in the case.

N.C. Supreme Court rules against state in procedural battle linked to fight with Boone

The town of Boone has won a procedural battle at the N.C. Supreme Court in its fight with the state over a 2014 law ending the town’s power to exercise “extraterritorial jurisdiction,” which amounts to planning control of territory just outside the town limits. Today’s Supreme Court order doesn’t end the case, but justices haveContinue Reading

Want a Middle Class? Deregulate.

The local daily is doing its part to solve the housing crisis. It is bringing experts from the fields of government, urban planning, and development together in a forum to answer questions like: Our middle class has gotten lost, and Asheville proves unaffordable for many. So how do we support and expand the middle class?Continue Reading

Controlled Grievance

Last year, nine Appalachian State University students died. That is about the normal rate for the school, but there was a perception that the college had a rash. To address the situation, the school has a new death policy. It was compiled after months of broad-based research. Henceforth, ASU’s bureau of University Communications will beContinue Reading

N&O. CharO. Oh No.

What a week in North Carolina news! First a biased report on a state contract question (which the Governor disputed) followed by 7 more stories on the same thing. Then insults hurled at a long serving, well respected member of the General Assembly. Kangaroo farts.  Cause 8 year olds need news too. Too many U.S. pregnantContinue Reading

State regulations cost N.C. at least $3.1 billion, as much as $25 billion — a state REINS Act could help

With a state regulatory burden of at least $3.1 billion and as much as $25 billion, a new John Locke Foundation Policy Report recommends a tool called the REINS Act to help “rein in” future growth in state regulatory costs. REINS essentially would take decisions about major, costly rules out of the hands of unelectedContinue Reading

Insights embedded in John Hood’s ‘Catalyst’

One might expect that John Hood’s new biography of former N.C. Gov. Jim Martin would feature a thorough synopsis of the key political and policy debates during Martin’s two terms in Raleigh from 1985 to 1993. It does. Hood also hits the high points of Martin’s dozen years in Congress. But perhaps the most interestingContinue Reading