Daily Archives: November 4, 2015

Absurd political quote of the moment

From the Charlotte Observer’s very own Taylor Batten: Charlotte must be a pretty purple city. Democrat Jennifer Roberts narrowly beat Republican Edwin Peacock in Charlotte’s mayor’s race Tuesday, 52 percent to 48 percent. It doesn’t get much closer than that, suggesting the city is closely divided between the two parties. I have no idea whatContinue Reading

Three Peeves

The analysis of the Asheville City Council race continues to annoy. This one was black, that one was gay. Does nobody care about ideas anymore? No. What matters is what a person looks like, because they can only represent those with similar body parts – unless they have identity politics that make their body partsContinue Reading

No charges in Guilford County animal shelter investigation

Guilford County’s district attorney will not file charges against former employees of the county animal shelter: The investigation of the shelter, launched in July by the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with the DA, dug into allegations of animal cruelty, potential drug violations and financial misappropriation at the shelter. “As far as the animalContinue Reading

Aldeman: NC teachers are not immune to broad economic trends

Here is a must-read blog post from Chad Aldeman, Associate Partner for Policy and Thought Leadership at Bellwether Education Partners. Aldeman observes, It may be tempting to conclude that the recent increases in the turnover rate are linked to policies adopted in North Carolina. There may be some of that going on—and indeed, if weContinue Reading

No charges against jewelry store employee…..

…..Who shot a would-be robber at Long Jewelers in Winston-Salem on Monday afternoon: A “person in control” of Long Jewelers shot one of the three masked thieves during the attempted robbery Monday afternoon, police said. Because the man is not being charged, his identity will not be released by authorities, police said in a statement.Continue Reading

Incumbents sweep Gboro City Council election

All nine incumbents on the Greensboro City Council were reelected in yesterday’s municipal election. Mayor Nancy Vaughan will be Gboro’s first two-time mayor since Keith Holliday after taking 88 percent of the vote. Meanwhile–in the District 1 rematch—incumbent Sharon Hightower easily defeats Dianne Bellamy-Small—the incumbent Hightower defeated by 12 votes in the 2013 election. AsContinue Reading

RIP Howard Coble

WGHP reports the long-time 6th District congressman died late Tuesday night.

The big money behind the ‘Reductio ad Kocham’

Wonder why some people get so worked up about the Koch brothers? Lachlan Markay of the Washington Free Beacon reminds us that it’s a good idea to follow the money. Liberal foundations financing a nonprofit news venture that is reporting on donations made by the Koch Brothers to colleges are also financing on-campus groups protestingContinue Reading