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On Rent Controls & Inclusionary Zoning

According to Forbes, starter apartments are nearly extinct in San Francisco and New York. In San Francisco, median rent is $4200/month, and less than 9% of apartments rent for under $2000/month. In Manhattan, percentages are similar, with a few more apartments on the low end, but way more on the high. Google employees sleep inContinue Reading

Tear Jerker

Here is a very sad cartoon about an honest little battery trying to do the right thing. His head is all wrapped in bandages, probably from hitting it against the wall so many times.

Court Finds House Haunted “As a Matter of Law”

On Halloween a few years ago, in the New York State Bar Association Journal, Daniel B. Moar described the case of Stambovsky v. Ackley: The plaintiff had commenced an action to rescind a real estate purchase after he discovered that the house he bought was possessed by ghosts. Believing that it could not award the buyerContinue Reading

This Is Not Insensitive?

It has been a terrible day in many respects. The main problem was obnoxious browsers that want to take control of the computer and force me to use bad search engines that return nothing to my inquiries. I am under three deadlines, and I don’t have time to fight with the computer, but I haveContinue Reading

Whining Will Take You Further than Intellect

Do you think I might get a job if I complained that all my college profs who didn’t give me 4.0’s (the highest one could get back in the day) were being mean and unfair?

This Could Induce Stroke

It is my personal intention to die before I ever go back to the hospital, which could actually come before I finish paying the last bill. However, as a person-citizen (as opposed to a corporate-citizen), I hope they raise rates for malpractice protection, overutilization, and overcharging so high we all need federal assistance for housingContinue Reading


In what is apparently not a parody, the Division of Academic and Student Affairs at NC State provides a webpage full of helpful advice about how to make “sensitive costume choices”: Here are a few questions to ask yourself before donning that costume for the big day: Could your costume be viewed as culturally, ethnically, or racially based?Continue Reading

Time to merge Chapel Hill-Carrboro and Orange Co. Schools

According to an article published in the Chapel Hill News, A coalition called on the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools on Wednesday night to put “race on the table” and end a decades-old achievement gap. Among other measures, the Campaign for Racial Equity in our Schools wants the district to end tracking, develop a race-conscious curriculum,Continue Reading