Daily Archives: June 3, 2014

No need for new economic development incentives

A bill before the North Carolina Senate would create a new state tax credit for small businesses that get the federal New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC), if they decide to make these federally credited investments in North Carolina. The idea would be to further incentivize investment in poorer areas in the state. The small businessesContinue Reading

Why is this local military death a non-story? (Updates added)

By now you know the story of the Obama administration swap of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five high-value terrorists who are deemed the equivalent of generals in Taliban. Under Obama’s deal, we get a soldier who is at best a deserter and at worst a traitor, and the Taliban get five guys who have toContinue Reading

Dispatches from the campaign trail, June 3, 2014

• As the result of a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning contribution limits from individuals that donate to multiple campaigns, Sen. Kay Hagan has formed or joined at least 17 “max PACs” — groups that seek out these donations, most of them with other Democratic senators. Roll Call says Hagan appears to be involvedContinue Reading

N.C. Appeals Court gives Cleveland County school system a reprieve in charter school funding dispute

A unanimous three-judge panel of the N.C. Court of Appeals reversed a trial court’s decision to force the Cleveland County school system to pay three charter schools a total of more than $100,000 in a funding dispute. The appellate judges sent the case back to the trial court to apply a different standard in determiningContinue Reading

Freezing the polar bear debate

John Hinderaker examines for the “Power Line” blog the “settled science” surrounding polar bears. Leftists decided that their global warming scam needed a poster child, and polar bears were selected for that honor. For some years now we have been exposed to mournful photographs of polar bears floating away on ice floes, or otherwise appearingContinue Reading

The media’s role in the Sterling story

Matthew Continetti tells us in his “Mediacracy” column for the latest Commentary magazine that he “enjoyed himself immensely” during the recent controversy about Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racist remarks. But Continetti’s enjoyment of the media spectacle changed once he read media coverage of the news conference during which NBA commissioner Adam Silver announcedContinue Reading

About that commencement address from ‘The Science Guy’

Jon Sanders has documented cringe-inducing comments from Bill Nye’s recent commencement address in Lowell, Mass. Regardless of Nye’s regrettable comments about climate change, though, another brief line from his speech is worth repeating. Bloomberg Businessweek thought so as well, including the quotation on a page of notable commencement comments. “Everyone you will ever meet knowsContinue Reading

The future of electric power?

You might have watched the John Locke Foundation’s recent co-sponsored forum on opening up North Carolina’s electricity market to more competition, then asked yourself, “What would that competition look like? How would a competitor take on Duke Energy or another existing electric utility company?” The latest issue of Bloomberg Businessweek tackles that topic. In aContinue Reading