Daily Archives: June 2, 2014

Choose the venue to fit the protest

Theatrics 101 — if your media-coddled protest comprises “nearly 20” or “about 30,” then to maximize imagery you have to hold the protest inside someone’s office. Cramming a dozen or so into the confines of an office looks a lot better than having “about 20” standing outside looking pitifully small. Even if you fall aContinue Reading

Pray for Peace

One might ask what Constitutional right is violated by prayer. On the one hand, those offended act as if they are afraid of being smitten either by a figment of somebody’s imagination or a god from a different camp in the pantheon. Worse, since prayer is usually a reaching out for comfort, guidance, inspiration, orContinue Reading

Education My Eye

The Asheville Citizen-Times’ Answer Man, John Boyle, asks why the North Carolina Education Lottery sponsors a NASCAR truck. I would have hazarded it had something to do with educating the public into playing government gambling games.

My Answer Is Really No

Is providing for pyrotechnic celebrations a legitimate role of government? I think it is if the majority thinks it is; otherwise, no. On a third hand, it beats guilt-tripping private companies into thinking they need to hire guys to blow stuff up, just to stay on good terms with the city’s planning and code enforcementContinue Reading

A Legitimate Function of Government

Although there are many ways good intentions can be botched, I can’t complain about this. Jackson County appears to be gearing up to help victims of domestic violence. The Jackson County branch of REACH was shut down years ago following financial problems complicated by reporting issues with the IRS. Prior to this, a woman hadContinue Reading

The post directly beneath mine means electricity will cost a lot more than it should

It is very disturbing when the idea of electricity at the flip of a switch is described as just our “current model” of electricity. Such a rhetorical framework implies a future model, and any change in that model would necessarily require not being able to access power at the flip of the switch at certainContinue Reading

Government choices will play major role in determining future American energy use

The energy policy adviser for North Carolina’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources explained during a public presentation today how government assumptions and choices will influence the future of energy use in this state and across the country. Dr. Donald van der Vaart’s presentation to the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society highlighted the extent toContinue Reading

Patrick Cannon expected to plead guilty tomorrow

So reports the UPoR. The feds also released a few crumbs more of information about the investigation on Monday: While it raises the amount of bribes Cannon is accused of taking to as much as $70,000, the so-called Bill of Information released Monday does not include charges against any new targets. But those are stillContinue Reading