Daily Archives: June 2, 2014

Choose the venue to fit the protest

Theatrics 101 — if your media-coddled protest comprises “nearly 20” or “about 30,” then to maximize imagery you have to hold the protest inside someone’s office. Cramming a dozen or so into the confines of an office looks a lot better than having “about 20” standing outside looking pitifully small. Even if you fall aContinue Reading

The post directly beneath mine means electricity will cost a lot more than it should

It is very disturbing when the idea of electricity at the flip of a switch is described as just our “current model” of electricity. Such a rhetorical framework implies a future model, and any change in that model would necessarily require not being able to access power at the flip of the switch at certainContinue Reading

Government choices will play major role in determining future American energy use

The energy policy adviser for North Carolina’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources explained during a public presentation today how government assumptions and choices will influence the future of energy use in this state and across the country. Dr. Donald van der Vaart’s presentation to the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society highlighted the extent toContinue Reading

Obama’s school lunch crusade: A disaster for NC

Championed by First Lady Michelle Obama and passed in 2010, The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act was designed to provide more nutritious school meals for public school children.   In North Carolina, this well-intentioned piece of legislation has been a catastrophe, sort of like New Coke. This week, the N.C. State Board of Education will hear anContinue Reading

Dispatches from the campaign trail, June 2, 2014

• Roll Call reports that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has committed $5.5 million in spending on television ads for incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan from Sept. 16 until election day. Most of the ads will run in the Charlotte and Triangle markets. • If you think the Hagan campaign against Republican House Speaker Thom Tillis andContinue Reading

JLF’s Agenda 2014 offers recommendations to promote liberty, prosperity, growth

Conservative leaders in the N.C. General Assembly and in Gov. Pat McCrory’s administration have adopted a number of positive reforms in recent years. More work remains to be done to help promote liberty, prosperity, and economic growth in North Carolina. The John Locke Foundation’s new Agenda 2014 offers more than 100 recommendations for lawmakers toContinue Reading

A humorous take on patent troll troubles

Those who have been following the North Carolina General Assembly’s recent debates about patent trolls might appreciate the latest edition of Joel Stein‘s “The Awesome Column” in TIME magazine. I also found out that if I’m going to start a humor website–which I’m considering, since there are not enough websites–I’m going to have to dealContinue Reading

Before seeking more regulation, it makes sense to evaluate how current regulations are working

Retired hedge-fund manager David Rocker asks Barron’s readers to consider some important questions about the Securities and Exchange Commission. A lot of people would like to know why so few of those who brought this economy to the brink of collapse have paid any price for their actions. They also ask why banks, deemed tooContinue Reading