Dispatches from the campaign trail, May 28, 2014


• In a Tuesday speech before the League of Conservation Voters, incumbent Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan attacked Republican opponent Thom Tillis’ record on environmental and energy issues, but wasn’t specific about what she would do differently. She also said she didn’t oppose fracking or offshore drilling for oil and natural gas. Tillis backs both as well.

• Speaking of fracking, the state House amended a Senate bill that had set July 1, 2015 as the date state officials would start issuing permits for hydraulic fracturing. The new version, which requires Senate approval instead says the first permits can be issued 60 days after officials finalize regulations regarding safety, water quality, and the like. (That date may be earlier or later than July 1 of next year.) The debate over this form of energy development led several environmental groups to run ads targeting some of the lawmakers who support fracking.

• The Fayetteville Observer interviews several political analysts (including Carolina Journal contributor and N.C. State political science professor Andy Taylor) who suggest that the more Hagan can talk about things other than Obamacare during her re-election campaign, the better off she will be.

• Speaking at a Lincoln-Reagan Dinner before a Maryland GOP group, 2nd District U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers urged more women to get involved in politics at all levels of government.

Rick Henderson / Editor-in-chief, Carolina Journal

Rick Henderson became editor-in-chief of Carolina Journal in August 2016 after being managing editor of Carolina Journal since April 2009. Before that, he had worked more than...

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