Dispatches from the campaign trail, May 19, 2014


• WRAL’s fact-checking team makes it a trifecta, joining Factcheck.org and The Washington Post concluding that an ad from Senate Majority PAC attacking GOP Senate nominee Thom Tillis is false (a “red light,” in WRAL’s lingo). Meantime, John Locke Foundation President John Hood says the Senate Majority PAC might be able to justify its erroneous claims.

• At the 5th Congressional District’s Democratic Party Convention Saturday, incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan stressed the need for Democrats to boost turnout for the November election. She also said she would campaign statewide on weekends so long as the Senate is in session.

• A new Politico poll shows a tough slog for Democrats in the fall. The nationwide survey of 867 likely voters in competitive Senate and House races gives Republicans a 7-point lead in the “generic” vote. Moreover, President Obama’s approval rating is at 40 percent, with 59 percent disapproving. The three most important issues are the economy, jobs, and health care — and 60 percent of the respondents say the debate over Obamacare should not be over.

• Backers of a 2016 presidential bid by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will gather June 9 in Durham to raise money in case the former Cabinet officer, U.S. senator, and first lady chooses to run. The Ready for Hillary super PAC has raised nearly $6 million over the past year.

Rick Henderson / Editor-in-chief, Carolina Journal

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