Dispatches from the campaign trail, May 15, 2014


• Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler gives the new Senate Majority PAC ad attacking Republican U.S. Senate nominee Thom Tillis “three Pinocchios,” saying

it is pretty absurd to think that a tax reform bill that cut rates and eliminated tax loopholes ended up raising taxes on 80 percent of the people in the state.

JLF President John Hood discussed the flawed reasoning behind the ad, and left-wing attacks of the tax plan, in his Daily Journal.

• Sen. Kay Hagan wears red “in support” of the state’s teachers and in opposition to the General Assembly’s spending plans.

• 2nd Congressional District Democratic nominee Clay Aiken suspends his campaign in light of the death of rival Keith Crisco. The State Board of Elections is expected to provide some guidance about the direction of the general election process at a meeting next week.

• Union-led demonstrators in Durham protesters in favor of a $15-per-hour minimum wage, which has no chance of being adopted this year by Congress or the General Assembly.

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