Dispatches from the campaign trail, May 13, 2014


• North Carolinians, especially those in the business and political communities, are mourning the unexpected passing of Keith Crisco, an Asheboro business owner, former Commerce secretary under Gov. Bev Perdue, and 2nd District congressional candidate. John Hood paid tribute to his friend in this morning’s Daily Journal entry.

• For Politico, the University of Virginia’s Larry Sabato uses last week’s U.S. Senate primary win by Thom Tillis to look at the Republican chances of taking the Senate. His conclusion: Unless President Obama stops his slide in the polls and a couple of Republican candidates make major errors, the GOP is looking pretty good.

• Guilford County Commissioner Bruce Davis, who lost to former UNC official Laura Fjeld by double digits in the Democratic primary for the 6th Congressional District, will hold a press conference today announcing he will protest the election results, citing “irregularities.”

• Liberal syndicated columnist Mark Shields praises Rep. Walter Jones, R-3rd District, for his willingness to take on the GOP’s hawkish establishment.

Rick Henderson / Editor-in-chief, Carolina Journal

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