National Review takes delight in Media Matters union battle

The latest issue of National Review includes this brief item on the lefty group Media Matters.

Media Matters, as sanctimonious a bunch of progressives as the world has to offer, are vocal supporters of organized labor and have argued that it should be easier to organize a union via “card check” rather than through the secret-ballot process. They ere supporters, that is, until the SEIU tried to organize Media Matters, at which point the organization’s executives did their best impression of the National Right to Work Committee. The group’s employees have pronounced themselves “betrayed,” the SEIU is in a snit, and conservatives are reliving the Iran-Iraq War, regretting only that both sides can’t lose. The most energetic supporters of union-goon labor reliably are those who are protected from its costs. There is a reason that the SEIU and the Teamsters do not use their own high-dollar employees to picket nonconforming institutions: Even the Teamsters can’t afford to pay Teamsters to do that.

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