Davidson County Tax Increase passed during Primary Election

Many races were of key importance to politicians and citizens alike yesterday.  Yet with all the attention being taken by the State’s US Senate and US Congress races, a small yet very important tax increase made its was on the ballot.

Davidson County voted yesterday on a quarter-cent increase to their sales tax.  The county’s current sales tax is 2 percent, making the total state and local sales tax 6.75 percent.  The reason for this increase, to pay for a new high school.

The tax increase passed with 56 percent of the voters approving the tax.  Total voter turnout for the sales tax issue was 15,827 people out of a population of 163,420 for the county as a whole.

According to a news article about the tax:

The tax is intended to raise about $2.3 million annually and allow the county to finance the construction of a new high school.The new school, to be built in the northern part of the county, would relieve overcrowding at North Davidson and Ledford high schools.

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