A true shocker: Deuce Bigalow has some sense

You might not peg comedian Rob Schneider, aka Deuce Bigalow, as a shrewd observer of the American political scene — until you read this account of a recent interview Schneider granted to a Philadelphia talk radio host.

Schneider struck on ominous tone when discussing the path he sees the country on.

“Democracies don’t end well. We are sliding very fast towards fascism. It’s an ugly kind of thing. There’s this kind of mob mentality that we have to be careful of,” he said.

He believes comedians are pressured toward one side of the political spectrum.

“There’s a polarization that’s happening…I do think you look can look at government and go, ‘Wow, it is out of control now,’ and if you do criticize or tend to be not directly along a liberal stand, you can get murdered,” Schneider commented.

Schneider was very critical of the President’s handling of the economy and he feels certain policies are impacting businesses.

“There’s not one segment of business under the Obama administration that hasn’t been hurt…he attacks for-profit schools, which is totally an elitist thing from a guy that went to Harvard. I think for free, by the way,” Schneider said.

He was also critical of the media for being overly influenced by the government and not standing up for the American people.

If only more members of the “serious” media could see through the charade.

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  1. Who knew, watching Saturday Night Live during the early ’90s, that so many of the comics would be outspoken now in favor of freedom from oppressive government? Dennis Miller, Jon Lovitz, Schneider, Victoria Jackson, Norm McDonald, and Adam Sandler come to mind. Of course, another SNL alum of that era decided that the oppression was good enough and smart enough for him to join in, and gosh darn it, Minnesotans elected him to Senate.

    Comment by Jon Sanders on May 5, 2014 at 11:10 am

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