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No. Just no.

Whitewater park coming to Raleigh? Project back on table, to be examined by city, according to Triangle Business Journal: ….could be part of a parks bond that would allow over $2 million to be funneled into the project, if the city approves. “(The group) will be asking that $2.8 million be included in the bond forContinue Reading

What’s the deal with e-cigarettes?

The House voted in favor of, the Senate approved and the governor signed the Omnibus Tax Law Changes bill into law yesterday which includes a tax on a new product – e-cigarettes.  What’s the deal and how should lawmakers and the tax code treat e-cigarettes?  Cordato explains here why taxing e-cigarettes is bad policy. And nowContinue Reading

You might be a progressive if….

If you believe that we need socialism or government redistribution programs because the free market ignores the poor. In this Freeman piece, Larry Reed knocks the stuffing out of that cliche.

Goldberg examines liberals’ love for free speech … when it suits them

They might disagree over the relative merits of cats and dogs, but John Hood and Jonah Goldberg share similar views about the support for free speech among those on the political left. Hood discusses the topic in a recent Daily Journal. Goldberg shares his thoughts in the latest “Happy Warrior” column in National Review. …Continue Reading

Dispatches from the campaign trail, May 30, 2014

• A conservative veterans group runs an online ad attacking Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan for doing “nothing” to hold the Obama administration accountable in the VA hospital scandal. The day the ad was released, Hagan said she supports the House bill (mentioned in the ad) giving the Veterans Affairs secretary more power to fire employees.Continue Reading

National Review highlights book’s takedown of ‘catastrophists’

The latest print edition of National Review includes John Daniel Davidson’s review of Robert Bryce’s new book, Smaller Faster Lighter Denser Cheaper: How Innovation Keeps Proving the Catastrophists Wrong. Among the most interesting points involves global warming. In essence, Bryce presents neo-Malthusian catastrophists with a choice: If climate change is the result of rising globalContinue Reading

If you like your tenure, you can keep your tenure

Rumored to be a quote from Senator Phil Berger… I have been as clear as I can be.  Under the reform Republicans proposed, if you like your tenure, you keep your tenure.  If you like your current pay plan, you keep your current pay plan.  These folks need to stop scaring everybody.  Nobody is talkingContinue Reading

In case you missed her …

Sarah Curry discussed the N.C. Senate’s budget proposal during an appearance on Time Warner Cable News’ “Capital Tonight.”