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Gossip & Mismanaged Money – I Mean, Not News

Rober McCredie, investigative reporter for the Asheville Tribune, is confrming rumors I published earlier about money problems being covered up at the Asheville Art Museum. He provided another article on the new Culture and Recreation Authority’s selections for receipt of public funding. It is alleged that the museum’s fundraising runs way below statements, but defaultContinue Reading

New Life through Marriage

These days, when marriage is so uncool – unless it is a creative way of helping yourself to somebody else’s employee benefits package – there appears to still be one advantage. That is, if you reach your term limit or lose an election, your spouse can run in your stead. Nancy Waldrop, the wife ofContinue Reading

No. Just no.

Whitewater park coming to Raleigh? Project back on table, to be examined by city, according to Triangle Business Journal: ….could be part of a parks bond that would allow over $2 million to be funneled into the project, if the city approves. “(The group) will be asking that $2.8 million be included in the bond forContinue Reading

What’s the deal with e-cigarettes?

The House voted in favor of, the Senate approved and the governor signed the Omnibus Tax Law Changes bill into law yesterday which includes a tax on a new product – e-cigarettes.  What’s the deal and how should lawmakers and the tax code treat e-cigarettes?  Cordato explains here why taxing e-cigarettes is bad policy. And nowContinue Reading

You might be a progressive if….

If you believe that we need socialism or government redistribution programs because the free market ignores the poor. In this Freeman piece, Larry Reed knocks the stuffing out of that cliche.

Hit the Deck! We’re Drowning in Economic Multipliers!

Hooray. Republican Gov. Pat McCrory on Thursday signed into law a revenue bill that will eliminate a business license tax worth about $1.4 million to Asheville. Lots of folks are expecting a new law to undo that one, but we shall see. The important thing is to remember that if businesses take this as anContinue Reading

Get Stoned, Lobby City Council

I’m sorry. I can’t help but see the camel’s nose choomin’ in the tent. The Mountain Xpress gave us an article to guide us in learning about weed as an economic engine critical to world history. I think the order of operations is: tolerate, celebrate, embrace, go to rehab, repeat as needed. Anyway, the headlineContinue Reading

Too Much Crime

About a decade ago, Western North Carolina received funding for a crime lab to help criminals have a more realistic chance of enjoying their right to a speedy trial, and maybe also to remove some clear and present dangers from the streets. Well, that lab is already maxed out, and so the legislature approved fundingContinue Reading