Welfare, yes — welfare state, no

So argues Nelson Hultberg in this Future of Freedom Foundation article.

Before charitable relief became a government obligation in the 1930s, Americans cared for the hungry, the sick, the handicapped through voluntary means. (Professor David Beito has done excellent work on all of the voluntary associations that used to fill those needs.) Now that it is dominated by government, we get lots of people who become permanently dependent on government — both the recipients of welfare and the many bureaucrats whose jobs depend on dispensing it.

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  1. “It is one of the most sacred beliefs of welfare state ideologues, that the great majority of human beings are not really capable of taking care of themselves, that they need authoritarian bureaucracies to watch over them, to guide and comfort them, to feed, lead, and love them.”

    How am I to take seriously someone who would declare such nonsense with an apparently straight face? Once again JLF, thanks for dumbing it down.

    Comment by Randy Seven on March 24, 2014 at 2:57 pm

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