Not something you would expect from the party waging a ‘war on women’

If Republicans are intent upon waging a “war on women,” no one has told the GOP women profiled in the latest issue of The Atlantic.

Likely no one is more frustrated by the GOP’s Woman Problem than the GOP’s women. Certainly, no one seems more motivated to tackle the issue. Toretti’s big-money effort is just one of several projects rolled out in the past year. Over the summer, Republican women in the House started Project GROW (Growing Republican Opportunities for Women) to direct money, mentors, and other aid to female candidates in primary battles. In November, a trio of women strategists opened Burning Glass Consulting, the first firm dedicated to wooing Republican ladies. Among many women in the upper echelons of the party, such efforts are seen merely as the first steps in what needs to be a total overhaul of the GOP’s approach to women. …

… Women Lead is seeking pro-small-government, fiscally conservative gals, and its founder believes there should be room for disagreement on other fronts. “I hate to resurrect Reagan again,” she says with a sigh, “but you don’t win by dividing.” How are Republicans responding to her more flexible stance? “With relief,” she says. “Major, major relief.”

Looking ahead, Toretti is confident that a viable Madame President will emerge from the ranks of her party—though probably not in time for the next election. [New Mexico] Governor [Susana] Martinez “has the capability and capacity to be a national leader,” Toretti says, “but I don’t think she’ll have the organization in place to move that fast for 2016.”

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