Who is not signing up for Obamacare?

We can start with the young invincibles and move on to the previously uninsured. My colleague Katherine Restrepo  has an excellent Daily Journal article today on who is not enrolling in Obamacare. The focus of her article is on the fact that the young and healthy crowd, i.e., the would-be suckers in the Obamacare scheme, are staying away in droves.  But there is another interesting fact that Katherine highlights, particularly if the point of Obamacare was/is to give coverage to the uninsured.  She notes that:

According to the Obama administration, 3.3 million individuals have gone shopping for an Obamacare plan in the individual health insurance market. It turns out, however, that more than 89 percent of these individuals already had insurance. They just couldn’t keep their old plans because the plans did not comply with the law’s standards for health coverage. Even if customers liked them.

In other words, only 11 percent of the enrollees so far were previously uninsured.

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