Global warming causes -50 deg. in Minnesota, Roy Spencer explains

Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer from the University of Alabama at Huntsville explains, using logic that is at least as sound as the logic used by the likes of Al Gore and President Obama, how “global warming cooling theory” can demonstrate how global warming causes 50 degree below zero temperatures in Minnesota. To get a feel for how technically sound Spencer reasoning is here is a portion of his explanation:

In response to this Beluga-Caribou Forcing, polar vortex butterflies start flapping their wings harder. These very rare creatures are seldom seen, but global warming-cooling theory suggests there are trillions of them.  As they do so, the Polar Vortex® starts spinning erratically and moves southward. Why southward, you ask? [] every direction from the north pole is southward. Sheesh. Now quit interrupting…”


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    The point by point take down of Spencer’s hackery on climate science is priceless. Apparently Roy Spencer thinks that Jesus rode a dinosaur as well though, so what do you expect?

    Comment by Randy Seven on February 19, 2014 at 6:22 pm

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