More Kronies on the way?

If you enjoyed the recent video announcing the launch of “The Kronies,” you might appreciate this Heritage Foundation “Insider Online” interview with Generation Opportunity president Evan Feinberg, whose group developed the Kronies.

InsiderOnline: What are the most interesting responses you’ve gotten about the Kronies? Has anybody said, for example, that the video made him rethink his ideas about the role of government?

Evan Feinberg: My favorite line was from a liberal Huffington Post reporter, Zach Carter, who responded, “This is straight-up right wing propaganda. So why do I like it so much?” He likes the Kronies because it breaks through traditional partisan mental-models. The Kronies go after defense spending, ethanol, and Wall Street banks as readily as they satirize union cronyism.

Our focus is engaging younger Americans to free the future of our country. We’ve been really encouraged to hear feedback from our audience that these videos have been really popular among their friends who are usually politically agnostic or liberal-leaning. We’re breaking down the perception that free-market advocates are in bed with big business. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’re gravely concerned about the collusion of big government and big business.

Finally, we’ve really enjoyed all of the unsolicited user-submissions for new “Kronies” characters. We’re looking forward to investigating whether “Edukator” or “Dr. Blue Shield” can be added to the Kronies lineup. …

… IO: Are there really going to be Kronies toys?

EF: We hope so! We have so many ideas for how to use these toys to highlight the destructive nature of cronyism between big government and big business. And we’ve got plans for these toys that are educational and pretty funny. Some cronies in DC should be ready!

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