Mixed-up news reports on people not working


I was printing two different columns from WRAL’s politics reports and somehow they got mixed up, like those happy-accident chocolate and peanut butter collisions depicted in vintage Reese’s commercials.

I’m not sure how that happened, but there’s no denying the mixture has its own unique flavor.

Here’s a sampling from the weird composite report, which somehow even ended up with a mixed-up headline:

Good Thing Lurks Behind Good Economic News

… Gov. Pat McCrory argued that decisions such as cutting the size and duration of the state’s unemployment insurance benefits have helped more people to find work.

McCrory told audience members at the economic forecast forum Monday that, “Our goal was to get people off unemployment and onto your payrolls.” Whether state policy was affecting the trend or not, something else has been happening, according to economists.Much of the dip in the unemployment rate was driven by workers leaving the workforce.

“It comes down to the difference between labor supply and labor demand,” said an economist. “When we talk about job losses – people leaving employment involuntarily – we’re talking about reducing labor demand by employers.”

Labor supply speaks to whether people are choosing to work or not.

The fact workers will cut back their hours could be a good thing. “It gets at this issue of ‘job lock,’” the economist said.

The idea behind “job lock” is that people won’t leave a job if they fear losing their benefits. …

Thanks to Carolina Journal, I was able to print out other reports that weren’t mixed up.

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