SOTU: Cluster Deux with a recipe for a Friday afternoon

I wrote earlier with my take on the SOTU and will talk about it tomorrow night on WRAL’s On the Record.  Additional thoughts today for my WTSB friends: Dis-trust, Dis-interst, Dis-agreement and Dis-Couragement.

The American people no longer trust the President.  Previous SOTU addresses are full of broken promises. He lied when he said, “If you like your plan, you can keep it.”  The trust factor is gone.

The American people are dis-interested in the Presidential rhetoric.  The television viewer ratings for the SOTU was the lowest since 2000.

Disagreement in Washington is somewhat of an understatement.  Six years ago the President promised to unite the country. Never has it been so bitterly divided.  He says he tried to work with Congress but was unmovable on changes to his health care plan, budget cuts, and reducing the national deficit.  About 5 minutes into his speech, he lit in to Congress and promises to use executive orders when they won’t do what he wants.- no way to make friends.

The American people are discouraged by the economy. 74% of Americans say it feel alike we’re still in a recession and 80% of North Carolinians  say it will be a year or more before we get out of the recession.

His overall message is government can fix anything – even the mess he’s created in the last five years – whether it’s the economy, health care of re-distribution of wealth.  He actually said “Those at the top have never done better. Our job is to reverse those trends”

Very much like his signature health care program (which he barely mentioned), the President’s idea of oppressive overreach of government, with all the economic costs,regulation and loss of freedom, that he delivered in his SOTU address is just nutty. No matter how he may sugar coat it.

So of course, this week’s recipe of the week is

Chocolate Peanut Clusters:

equal amounts chocolate chips (ghirardelli are best) and peanuts (I use salted Virginia) I find 2 cups of each is easiest to work with.

Melt chocolate chips in microwave at 60 to 70 % power checking every minute or so – until melted.

Stir in about 1T white sugar

Thoroughly stir in peanuts

Drop by teaspoon onto waxed paper.

Sprinkle lightly with sea salt.

Let cool til well set.  Put in tin or plastic container. Store in cool place.

Warning: Like some government programs, these can be addictive!

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