staying uninsured more affordable than the Affordable Care Act

In today’s Daily Caller:

The free-market American Action Forum (AAF) found that in Obamacare’s first year, 6 out of 7 uninsured young adults will pay less if they go without health insurance than if they enroll in Obamacare.  

You can access the full report here.

On the other hand, if “young invincibles” want some type of catastrophic coverage that is actually affordable and offers add-on benefitsfour health insurance companies in North Carolina offer short-term health plans that last between six and eleven months.

Unlike the catastrophic plans offered on the exchanges, short-term plans are true catastrophic plans — low premiums with high deductibles.  An individual signing on to one of these plans will still have to pay the law’s individual tax, but will end up spending significantly less money than purchasing an exchange plan that includes mandated benefits that may not meet the best interest of the consumer.


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