We could learn thing or two from the Swedes

After years of socialized medicine, the Swedes are turning to private health insurance for better care and access. One in ten have turned to private health insurance in recent years.

Until the 1970s Swedes enjoyed property rights, limited government and reasonable regulations, economic freedoms that lead to economic growth. But cradle to grave government services implemented in the 70s led to economic crisis.  So in the the 1990s, Swedes returned to market based reforms of deregulation, privatization of public services, lower income taxes, reduced public spending and in education they implemented voucher programs and for-profit schools. And now, they are turning from government run health care to private medicine.

Their economy is improving; they have low public debt and their growth rate is on the uptick.  Smart folks, those Swedes.  We could learn a thing or two.


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